I really hate being a pain, but I have a stack of approximately 400
reports to create and bosses being bosses, he wants them all next week,
so if I seem a little antsy and/or impatient, it's probably because I am

The particular nested report I was referring to can still be previewed
on it's own just fine. I wanted to make sure it wasn't the composite
report itself that was the problem, so I put this report into another
composite report to see what happened and, at least on the first
attempt, it worked fine. So I figured something must be corrupt about my
composite report that was exhibiting the problem retrieving/printing the
nested report. Not sure if I mentioned it in my previous message, not
only does that nested report disappear as soon as I click "Print", about
40% of the time when I preview the composite report, that particular
nested report is blank from the get-go. All the other nested reports are
fine (appx. 15 others in this one composite report).

Anyway, I re-created that entire composite report and now that
particular nested report doesn't EVER get retrieved. I have quadruple
checked it to make sure I'm not overlooking something that should be
there or that I don't have some little something set that should NOT be.
Once again, I can select that report in the composite/modify
report/preview and using the same retrieval argument as is used in the
composite report, it retrieves just fine.

Once again, thanks. Don't mean to be a pain, but with 400 and change
reports staring me in the face and a boss who wanted them day before
yesterday, I'm started to get a little panicked :)

Kathy Mouser
ERMI Environmental Laboratories