Another small bug with the Query Governor in a runtime exe in Infomaker
6.0 when specifying a maximum time (max # rows works fine).

Issue 495071. Bug 49093. The Query Governor isn't working when you
specify a maximum time in hours/minutes/seconds. It retrieves just one
row and stops..

The fix: (if you have a copy of Powerbuilder 6.0)

In IMSTYLE6.PBL, in the RetrieveStart event of "dw_report" on window
w_pbstyle_report, change the code from:

it_timelimit = RelativeTime(Now(), SecondsAfter( w_frame.it_timelimit,
it_timelimit = RelativeTime(Now(), SecondsAfter( 00:00:00,

The secondsafter() function was returning a negative countdown time.

I've placed a patch on containing the

(of course, this works for 16 and 32 bit since it's just a PBL).

Stephen Dupre
Product Support Engineering
Powersoft Tools, Sybase, Inc.