Sorry for the repost but I let some info out of my first post...

1.) I am using Infomaker 4.0 on windows 95

2.) ODBC = PB Intersolv 2.11 Btrieve

I have created my DDF files in 2 dir on my system the both point to

I have put them in c:\lf07\dat\ddf and also c:\lfo7\dat

when i create an odbc call i have created 2 one for one dir and one for
the other...When they try to connect i get a MSG:: "Catalog tables could
not be created and are not available for use...Also if i continue to run
my pipe i get an error can not find lf_num..

What is not making since to me is that I have 6 other landfills that i
have this on I did not create this database but I have made everything
for this one the same...I have gone back and checked every little

Now my Question is Has anyone every had this problem ect.. and also what
are the catalog tables ???? Are they The "pbcatcol.dta" and if so what
are they.....