5.0.04 Powerbuilder/InfoMaker Maintenance Release Announcement for
WINTEL platforms

Updated April 10, 1998 10:25

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Thank you for choosing PowerBuilder or InfoMaker as your development

The 5.0.04 Powerbuilder/InfoMaker Maintenance Release for WINTEL is now
available for download through the maintenance page at:


Use this URL to navigate to the Electronic Software Distribution page
where you will see a link called:

PowerBuilder Maintenance Library (Windows) v5.0.04

Please review the Fixed504.nfo folio Infobase listing the items fixed or
enhanced in 5.0.04. Also read the release notes file PBreadme.txt.

Section I: Final 5.0 Maintenance Release statement
Section II: General Information
Section III: Known Issues with PowerBuilder 5.0.04
Section I: Final 5.0 Maintenance Release statement
Maintenance release 5.0.04 will be the last full maintenance release of
5.0. There are over 500 bug fixes and enhancements in this release.
With this in mind, we urge customers to use the 5.0.04 maintenance
release in your current planning and projects with the intent of
migrating to 6.0 in the near future. Below are a few typical questions
and answers.

Q: What about bug fixes to 5.0.04? We understand there will be NO
maintenance release version 5.0.05 but what if we need a critical fix
for 5.0.04?
A: All inquiries for EBF (Emergency Bug Fixes) to 5.0.04 will be
handled on a case-by-case basis. We expect very few EBFs to 5.0.04 and
customers will be urged to migrate to 6.0. A written justification will
need to be submitted to Sybase for each case.

Q: What if the bug is fixed in 6.0 and not in 5.0.04?
A: We will not be backpatching anything from Powerbuilder 6.0.

Q: If some code worked in 5.0.04 and after migration, no longer works
in 6.0, how will these cases be handled?
A: This is the definition of a regression and these bugs have the
highest priority. You have several options including web express or
call in to report the regression.

Section II: General Information
This maintenance release contains the WINTEL files only. If you are a
subscriber to our list server, there will be an announcement at a later
date as to the availability of Unix and Mac maintenance releases for

Section III: Known Issues with PowerBuilder 5.0.04
For free access to the technical bulletin infobase on the web (updated
daily), containing a current listing of reported bugs, resolutions and
enhancements in all Powersoft products use the Folio Web search engine

http://info.sybase.com (main page)

The query dialog URL:

(Use the “Records w/Hits Only”checkbox so you only get records that
match your text search parameters).

This is the same infobase used internally by the Powersoft Tools

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