I need to present my users with a list-of-values (dddw) for each
argument in an IM5 report. These prompt/lists need to be correlated.

For example, the first prompt might display a list US States, the second
prompt would then display a list of Cities within the previously
selected State. The third prompt would then display a list of streets
within the previously selected state/city. And so forth.

Simply attaching a separate dddw (using prompt for criteria and edit
style) to each field in the base report does not work - each runs
independent of the criteria returned by the others.

When I cascade the dddws, so that dddw 'A' supplies the list (e.g.
state) for dddw 'B', and dddw B supplies the list (e.g. city) for dddw
C, then everything works great except that the original prompt (e.g. for
state) displays twice (once at the beginning and again at the end of the

Am I missing something? Can this be done? How?


- Mike Doherty

p.s. Due to 3rd party vendor product constraints, I'm stuck with IM5 and
cannot use IM6+.