Sorry for the repost, but I really messed up on the subject line in the
original post - I got too "cut-and-paste happy". So, I wanted to post again
with the correct subject for those who thread...

In the form painter under Design --> Update properties screen, there is a
field called "Identity column".

When you first come in here, this field is null. Once you put a value in
this field (a drop down gives you a list of your table's columns), one thing
it seems to do is remove that column from the insert statement from "behind
the scenes" when you run the form and you insert a new row to the database,
so whatever value you entered for that column in the form isn't written to
the database.

I can't find any documentation on this field in the manual or in the online
books. Why is it called "Identity field" (i.e.: meaning...)? And why would
one have the occasion to deliberately not want to write a value to the
database if the user enters it in a form? I can't think of such an

Also, once this "Identity column" is set up, there only way to clear it out
again is to uncheck "Allow Updates", hit 'OK', and then do it over again
from scratch and reset everything else in the "Specify Update Properties"
screen back the way it was again. Seems unnecessarily odd, like there
should be a choice of "None" in the drop-down list for "Identity column".
Any easier way to clear that field?


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