Dear Sybase Customer:

This message is a follow-up to our last newsgroup posting regarding
Sybase's bug reporting process and support policies. This message is
of particular importance to Sybase customers who have not purchased
one of our annual, contact-based support plans such as our Custom
Support or Access Support.

Once again, we would like to thank you for sharing your concerns with
us regarding our bug reporting process and support policies. We want
you to know that we have continued to read the various newsgroup
threads, we have spoken and communicated to many of you
directly and we understand your concerns.

In order to serve you better, Sybase, is constantly analyzing our
current processes, benchmarking Sybase relative to other companies,
surveying our customers and in general seeking to be best in class in
everything we do.

Based on your feedback and our ongoing research and analysis, we have
decided to make the following changes in our Electronic Support

Upon electronic submission of a bug, Sybase will provide customers
with a tracking number.

Sybase will allow you to come back and check the status of a
previously electronically-submitted bug, (via the Web only), to
determine if your submission has been accepted, rejected or closed.

We believe that our Web Site,, is the best in the
industry and we will continuously improve it to make it even easier
for you to locate a list of known bugs and download patches.

If a your electronic bug submssion results in Sybase generating a fix,
Sybase will send an Email to anyone who has reported that specific

We are also investigating ways of incenting customers to report bugs
to us. One example might be that if your electronic bug submission
results in Sybase generating a fix, we will give you one free case
good towards calling Technical Support.

Please note that these changes will take some time to implement, but
should be implemented by the end of 1998.

Please also note that customers who are on an annual, contact-based
support plan, can call Technical Support as often as necessary to
receive technical assistance, report bugs/enhancement requests, find
work-arounds etc. without incurring any additional fees. We will
continue to offer technical assistance as well via Credit Card and
Case-Pack support. All Credit Card calls to Technical Support are
non-refundable and all case-pack plans will be decremented upon
opening up a case with Technical Support. However, all customers can
report bugs to Sybase free of charge via our electronic services

We strongly believe that these new electronic support offerings will
provide you with the medium of choice for reporting bugs and
enhancement requests to Sybase.

While Sybase has the best-in-class products in the market, we want to
assure you that we appreciate receiving feedback from our customers,
particularly when it comes to reporting bugs and hearing your thoughts
on how we can improve our products and services.

Please stay tuned for future announcements regarding our new Technical
Support offerings especially our new "SupportNow" program which will
be rolled out January 1st, 1999. These new support programs have been
re-architected to accommodate all customers and all products and we
believe that you will find the pricing of these programs to be
extremely attractive.

In the meantime, if you have more information or comments that you
would like to share with us, please contact us directly by sending
email to

Thank you for your continued support.


Richard Labarbera
Vice President & General Manager
Worldwide Customer Services