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Why are graph questions ignored?

2 posts in PB Infomaker Report Writer Last posting was on 1998-04-27 15:34:16.0Z
Rosemary Miller Posted on 1998-04-27 11:22:31.0Z
Newsgroups: sybase.public.infomaker.general
From: "Rosemary Miller" <>
Subject: Why are graph questions ignored?
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 07:22:31 -0400
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I've been working with some graphs, had problems and have posted one or two
questions here for answers. I've looked through all the other postings to
answers to graph questions, but it seems they are totally ignored. I have
not solved my problem yet (posted 3/27) and others posted here are problems
I would be interested in solving. Example: posting on 4/20/98 by Rick
Marden on changing line patterns on a pie chart. Please don't ignore graph

DawnBrownEyes[TeamPS] Posted on 1998-04-27 15:34:16.0Z
Newsgroups: sybase.public.infomaker.general
From: "DawnBrownEyes[TeamPS]" <>
Subject: Re: Why are graph questions ignored?
Organization: TeamPS
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Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 11:34:16 -0400
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Article PK: 243153

I love graphs. And I try to answer them. Sometimes I don't know the

For example. Rick's guestion. It can't be done. But I am only 95% sure.
So I could answer the question: No, it can't be done. Or leave it because
maybe someone else has figured out a way to do this. If I answer it than
it appears that this question has been answered and someone else who has
figured out a work around won't look at it.

In conclusion, If you don't get an answer chances are TeamPS and others
don't know the answer or pretty sure of the answer.

I guess I could mail the person privately and say it can't be done. But
then if someones does have a work around, I would feel so stupid. And I
feel stupid enough already ( I have 2 teenagers!)

I hope this helps. Your Graph questions are NOT being ignored.

Dawn T Brown Eyes (TeamPS)