We're looking for a solution for backing up our Sybase ASE 11.5
databases on a Compaq Proliant 5000 server running NT 4.0 with service
pack 3. We were considering ARCserve 6.5, but found out that there's no
Sybase backup agent available from Computer Associates for that
product. We need at least a multiple tape cartridge/loader or a robotic
tape handler, not a single tape drive that requires manual intervention
to access a different tape. It should manage its tape inventory
internally, if it's a robotic type. Our current Sybase backup hardware
on our VAX (VMS) is a 7-cartridge (20 GB per tape) DLT tape
loader/drive, which would be the minimum viable solution on NT. We
currently run our "dump database" SQL scripts from batch VMS command
procedures. Does anyone have any specific hardware recommendations for
doing Sybase backups on NT? Thanks for your help.