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Does anyone run Sybase ASE on Alpha

2 posts in Windows NT Last posting was on 1998-04-13 19:52:41.0Z
Michael A. Murrin Posted on 1998-04-02 15:15:53.0Z
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From: "Michael A. Murrin" <>
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Subject: Does anyone run Sybase ASE on Alpha
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I placed a message on 3/31, that was responded to by Jim Kissel,
regarding ASE on NT or Solaris. I thank you Jim for your response. But
I did not hear from anyone regarding an Alpha based server.
Specifically, I can get a 533MHz Alpha (LOADED) system for $10k less
than a comparable 300MHz SUN E450.

If there is a significant performance gain for the extra $10k, I will
pay it. Administration of UNIX is not an issue, I have administered
UNIX systems for the last seven years. We are moving more toward NT,
but there is no reason to drop UNIX if it offers the better value.

If the Alpha based solution offers equivalent performance and runs
Sybase reliably, I would appreciate knowing this. I suppose it is not
advantageous (to hardware vendors) for Sybase to post data regarding
performance and reliability issues, but it would certainly be useful to
the consumer. Does anyone know if such information might exist and
where I may find it?

Michael Murrin

John McVicker Posted on 1998-04-13 19:52:41.0Z
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Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 15:52:41 -0400
From: John McVicker <>
Organization: Sybase Professional Services
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To: "Michael A. Murrin" <>
Subject: Re: Does anyone run Sybase ASE on Alpha
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Hi - sure, Sybase does post numbers on TPC-C performance, as well as those
generally available from You'll see there TPC-C numbers

which are for all vendors (hardware and RDBMS). You'll also find that
just anounced a very low-cost (sub $50) per Tpm-C for a Digital Alpha 1200
dual-CPU box. As for reliability - that's a much harder one to call.
Reliability is not only on the back of the vendors but on the capability and
skill set of the end-user department running the computer that was sold by
the vendor. A computer is only as reliable as the mind who is sitting
behind the keyboard running it.

It's up to the customer to choose which vendor they prefer. Digital and Sun

are both top-notch Unix vendors who offer a large-variety of hosts to choose
and offer all types of add-on value in the form of software, solutions,
etc. The
main difference in the Sybase camp is that the Digital version of Adaptive
Server and
SQL Server 11 are fully 64-bit compliant for Digital Unix while all other
are a quasi-64-bit environment. Under Digital Unix, you can fully address
Sybase devices and address far more than 4GB of RAM with one instance of the

Adaptive Server. If your needs demand VLDB and VLM, then Digital is
the best choice for Sybase RDBMS. Some folks feel that 1GB+ is large, but
the lower price of RAM these days, 2GB+ is more and more common, and the
64-bit model of the Digital line of Alphas brings 4GB+ into a common place.

I'm not advocating Digital over Sun - just look at the differences before
buying the
computer. Don't buy on price alone - buy on capability, vendor
relationship, product
offerings from the vendor, life of expected hardware (in Moore's law terms)
and such.

John McVicker
Sybase Professional Services
Philadelphia, PA