Hey all,

Summary: why do i get a type mismatch when i first bind
/test/ and then /test/1/ to a varchar in a prepared statement
with a placeholder?

I'm interfacing with the Adaptive Server with ODBC on NT. I try
to bind a varchar to the same statement twice, and get this

[INTERSOLV][ODBC SQL Server driver]Data type for parameter 1 has changed
since first SQLExecute call. (SQL-S1000)

pseudo code looks like:

statement = odbc->Prepare("select test from test where test = ?");
statement->Bind(1, "/test/", SQL_VARCHAR);

statement->Bind(1, "/test/1/", SQL_VARCHAR);

// Error happens at the last execute

This error happens with all strings where the number of
/'s doesn't match, as far as I can tell. Please help,
I'll have to use Oracle if I can't get past this bug,
and who wants to do that! ;)

I have heard supposition that this might be caused by
a driver interpretation of the string as a date, but
this doesn't help much.