I hava a problem when I migrate my sybase database version from 10 to
adaptive server.
I build a three tires application. In the application server I use
jConnect3.0 to connect the database.The application server run in
solaris 2.6.
In the sybase10 database , I can insert chinese into database from
my client (a applet in NT or solaris) ,the type of the column is
the character_set of database is
ISO_1. In solaris I set LANG=zh,In jConnect I set Version 3 to connect.

when I use the adaptive server,with the same setting , I can't insert
chinese or get proper display.
but if I set the LANG=C , in soloris ,I can use chinese in unix
isqlapp ,but when I use socket send the chinese data to the client (in
NT ),It can't display correctly.