We want to use our treeview control in order to edit the order of the items
(by providing buttons to move an item within its level upwards and
We implemented this functionality by deleting the selected item and insert
a new one (with the same label) on the new position. The problem comes into
play when our treeviewitem has child items. Of course we want the new item,
which we insert, not only to have the same lable but also to have the same
child items.

Is there any possibility to move items in a tree view, in order that the
child items remain.

(We don't like the idea much, to read all the child items and recreate them
also, when we move an item)

does anyone has an idea how to achieve this moving of treeviewitems?

thanks a lot,


(we use a treeview control without reading or writing the items from/to the
database as yet.)