I'm working on a conversion utility for OLE Objects presently stored in our
client's databases as blobs. These will be written out to files on a file
server and stored there in future versions of the application. I'm using a
Powerbuilder OLEControl object on a window to store the blob, and the
ClassLongName property tells me the name of the server application
associated with the OLE object in the control.

There's a big limitation though: Some of these blobs have a class name of
"Package," which can be used for many different types of objects. They can
be images, text files, PSR files, or other types of objects. As a result I
can't tell from the OLEControl's ClassLongName property what type of file I
need to write out.

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can determine what type of object is
in the control and set the file type appropriately, please email me at

Thanks in advance,

Bill Frampton
Programmer/Analyst, MCCG