PowerBuilder Version=8.0.2 Build 9506
O/S= windows 2000 Professional

Who can tell us? if there is a bug in the use of an OLE Object WordDocument
8. This is the reason , we've a window that handle the control of version
documents , this process allow the edition of the document.In order to we
add an ole control, everything is fine , the object show and update the
changes of the documents, but when we close the window the main menu of the
aplication desapears, I made a few test changing the Display Type for the
Ole Object:From DisplayasActivexDocument! to Displayascontent or
DisplayasIcon, well when we choose the last two the main menu of the
aplication or MDI Shows Normal, it seems to us that the cause is the
Display Type as:DisplayasActivexDocument!

How can we set to Normal the Menu after the use of
DisplayasActivexDocument! or it is a bug and we can't do nothing.

well thanks in advance and waiting for your answer.

Eduardo Primera