i have a client/server app. The server app just shutsdown..no msg..no
nothing..the server app uses sharedobjectregister(sor) and
sharedobjectget(sog) etc..as follows
(sor) mthread created and a startup function is run which creates a window
(w_server) for display..client connects..createinstance of some
serverobject(so)..client exe a method on (so)..(so) asks mthread for a new
thread(nt)..a (nt) is returned..(so) method is run..in the (so) method a
exe is started via a RUN command..just before the exe is finished it does a
FINDWINDOW and finds the w_server..it then posts a message to the w_server
and passes a task number to the posted event..the posted event reads a file
created by the exe as 'tasknumber.txt'..it then asks the mthread to get a
reference to the (nt) that is running this tasknumber(task number was saved
in the (nt) when it was created..) and the (nt) is returned..(nt) then
posts a function like uof_done(somedata)...uof_done post a function on the
clientside..and so on..this works great for maybe 100 or 200 or 600
requests...then the server app just exits...
Any help would be great...