I have been using the escapement property to rotate text for horizontal
columns in a cross tab datawindow. The escapement property rotates the text
exactly as described in the manual. The border of the column is not
rotated. Since this is the case I cannot see how to make the width of the
column narrower and at the same time have the text displayed.

As I make the column narrower, after rotating the text, I find the text
moves out of the column and eventualy disappears.

What I want to do is to have a crosstab datawindow that looks like a
speadsheet with the data of each column having a width of one or two
characters, a height of 30 charaters and rotated text.

I have looked through the manual for many hours and it is not clear to me
how to rotate the text in a data field and at the same time have tall
narrow field with the data displayed.

Does anyone have a solution?