I'm trying to use Oracles queueing features in powerbuilder but when
I send the callback object that I've created to the MonitorStart
function I get an error because the object is invalid. I have done
the same thing successfully in Visual Basic and all I needed for a
callbackobject was a class I created with a NotifyMe(ByVal Ctx as
Variant, ByVal Msgid as Variant) but I created a nonvisual object for
powerbuilder with that function and I get the error like I said.
From what I've read online, the object needs to be inherited from
IDispatch so I think, even though I didn't need to specify IDispatch
anywhere in the VB object, that may be my problem.

So I think my question is basically does anyone know how to make a
userobject/nonvisualobject inherit from IDispatch?