Datawindow and Stored Procedures Data Sources

Hi All

I've got a querry associated with Datawindow and Stored Procedures as the
Data Source for it.

Let me first give inf. on the Soft. I'm using:

Platform: Intel Based Pentium 4.
OS: Win NT 4 Workstation, Service pack 6.
PB: Version 7 build 8011.
RDBMS- Oracle 9i: Version
Driver: Tried with Both ODBC & Native Driver For Oracle 9i.
Instance: Server / Client.


I'm trying to create a datawindow from pb with Data Source as a Stored
procedure. For testing, I've created a small procedure in oracle which
works fine thro' SQL Plus*. This procedure is within the Scott schema. I'm
listing below the Text for the procedure for ease of debugging.

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE pro_testProc(arg_i_RecCount in out Number)
SELECT Count(*) into arg_i_RecCount FROM EMP;

Now When I'm giving the Data Source as this Stored procedure
scott.pro_testProc thro' the procedure list & choosing the default options,
I'm getting a "..String buffer too small..." Error.

I've tried changing the argument data type, argument type from "in out" to
"out" also. but no success.

I've tried selecting / De-selecting the Manual Result Set Check Box Also.
But Unfortunately this Yields no success.

Plz help ASAP as this is critical for our development.

Thanx in Advance.

A Needy User