Hi all,
i'm using external object (in dll) which can raise exception.
I'm cathing this exception in my OleObject (derived from OleObject) in
event ExternalException.
External object (dll) raised 32 bit (unsignedLong) exception code but
ResultCode in ExternalEvent was 0 or very strange number although
ResultCode is also unsignedLong (32 bit). I wrote a little program to test
this problem. I tried to raise 16 bit exception code and ResultCode had
good value!!! But when i raised 32 bit value ResultCode was 0 or nonsense.
So i think problem is with 32 bit values for exception codes in PB. It is
bad because i can't change exception values for external object (dll).
Can anyone help me, how to skip this problem?
I use PB 6.5.