Just started running into this problem in the listview control, and was
wondering if anybody else had some information on it.

We are currently using the checkbox option currently in some of our
treeviews. We use the pfc, and manually insert items into the tree, and as
long as the checkboxes option is turned on, and the statepictureindex is set
to 2 when we insert the item into the tree, then the new item shows up
checked. It works great.

Now were trying to do the same with the listview control. I have tried the
pfc, and some manual tests on a new window with a listview control and a
command button that would manually add an item in the listview and set the
statepictureindex to 2.

No matter what we do on the add, it will not come up with the item checked
(like the treeview does).

From everything we have looked at, we are doing this correctly, so I'm
beginning to think this is a bug in the listview control. I've even traced
this through the debugger, and all the attributes are set like they should
be before the additem is triggered.

Anybody else seen this?

We are running PB 7.0.3, EBF 10160. Were getting ready to test EBF 10197 to
see if that fixes the issue, but I thought I would drop by the newsgroups
first, and see what kind of feedback I got.


Jeff Gibson
Intercept Solutions
Nashville, TN