The code I have below works for resolving email recipients, but fails when I
click cancel from ther Check Names window that opens. It provides the error
"Error calling external object function on Resolve". I cannot figure out why
cancelling should crash, nor can I figure out how to trap a return code.
This is happening on the Resolve() line. Any ideas?

Jason Lipman

Version: PB 6.5

// Run from within an OleObject uo called uo_mail_ms_ole

Boolean lb_resolved
String ls_name

// Add a new message
OleObject l_new
l_new = This.Outbox.Messages.Add
l_new.Subject = ""
l_new.Text = ""

// Add a recipient to test..
OleObject l_names
l_names = l_new.Recipients

OleObject l_test
l_test = l_names.Add
l_test.Name = args_name

args_name = String(l_new.recipients[1].Name)

Messagebox("ls_name", args_name)

Return 1