How to establish communication
between TDSTunnelServlet and an applet

Our sybase database server runs on a different host than our web
server,I install the TDSTunnelServlet on Domino Go web server which
supports the javax.servlet interfaces and activate it. I can get the
message that the servlet is running from console.
Now I use the samples that are gateway.html and Isql.class included in
the product of jconnect and modify most of the paramters of
gateway.html. the TDSTunnelServlet alias is "tds" and the proxy
parameter appears as follows:
<param name=proxy value="">
I put the sample on my web server and use web brower to open it,the
applet runs, If I press "go" button, the browser reads data from web
server and stops at last. The browser gets nothing. The messages
appearing on the console of web server is as follows:
"TDSTunnelServlet: packetlen=304 skipping 0 "

I use another web browser to open administrate URL:
It shows an active session on the session list.
At last I insert debug messages into the program and find that the
problem is the database connection failure, if I use the way of Cascade
Gateway to communicate with database server, it's no problem.

If someone could resovle this problem ,please send e-mail to me . my
e-mail is
Thank you!