I'm migrating from MSSQL to ASE 11.9.2 and face difficulty of character
sets (chinese

I use -C1252 as one of params for bcp out on MSSQL. Then bcp in ASE
11.9.2 (character set
: iso_1) got the following error message:

#@ Row 222301: CTLIB Message : - L5/O3/S5/N7/5/0:
ct_sendpassthru() : network packet layer : internal net library error :
Net-Lib protocol
driver call to write data failed

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||~#@ Row 222301: Not transferred
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||~#@ Row 222301: CTLIB Message : -

L0/O0/S0/N0/0/0 :
blk_rowxfer() : blk layer: internal BLK-Library error : No value or
default value
available and NULL not allowed. col = 4

But for the above problems, when I use character set cp850 in ASE, there
will have no problem for BCP IN, but the chinese does not viewable.

Any suggestion is wellcome.

Thanks for your attention...