Has anyone had any experience with using Open Client 10.0.4 on Win 3.1
clients to connect to an ASE 12.0 running on NT?

We are considering converting from ASE 11.5.1 to ASE 12.0 but we
have an application with a number for Window 3.1 clients that are
currently using O/C 10.0.4 with the Y2K EBF. The application also has
32bit clients, Win NT 4.0 sp4 & sp5 and Win98 using O/C 11.1.1. I
realize we won't be able to use Data row locking or fail-over, but will
the Win 3.1 clients on Open Client 10.0.4 work at all with ASE 12.0?

The other question I have is the ASE 12.0 release bulletin says that it,
ASE 12.0 is certified to run with Open Client 11.1.1. Does this
include the 16 bit version of Open Client 11.1.1?

Thanks for your consideration,
Bill Rickerson - application DBA, M&T Bank