Before the upgrade, our BCP uploads were working fine
using the /c command line switch. However, as far as
I can tell, the behavior of /c seems to be different now.

In our pre-upgrade environment we used tab delimited fields
with carriage return, linefeed terminated records. Now,
/c appears to be ignoring the carriage return part and
treating only the linefeed as a record terminator. If the
last field in the record is a text field, all data in the
text field has the carriage return appended to the data.
If the last field is an integer, BCP fails with a conversion

I have tested this by manually generating a file with only
linefeed for a record terminator. It is slurped in just

Is there some easy solution I have missed in my kb searches?

Will a BCP /f approach work?

Should I change the routines to gen files without the carriage