The current system setup is Windows NT and Office 97. We are attempting
to upgrade to Office 2000. However, some PowerBuilder applications are
not working properly. For example, the entry of data into a static text
box seems to truncate some of the data. The screen displays seems to
have changed. We do have the PowerBuilder Source, but the source is
corrupted with no back-ups. We would like to keep the current
application and make corrections to get around it. Do you have any
suggestions? Is it an Office 2000 DLL problem?

We brought back our contract PowerBuilder developer. He states, "the
source seems to be okay, the problem is in retrieving the information on
a batch process.". The first few batch items process fine. However,
the application will crash after processing a few. It's a Dr. Watson
Error "Access Violation". Please give me any suggestions that you
have! Thank you for your time.