Hi there

We have a Rep Server 11.5 (RS) using ASE 11.9.2 as primary database
an replicating data to five Rep Server 11.3 each of which use a SQL
Server 11.3.3 as primary database. One of this routes (RSCEN--> RSTAN)
does not work. However the route in the opposite direction (RSTAN -->
RSCEN) works fine. It shows the following error in the RS error log.

****************************** Error Log
E. 2000/05/25 12:49:42. ERROR #14028 USER(sa) - (1325)
RSI named 'RSTAN' is already connected.
E. 2000/05/25 12:49:42. ERROR #4049 RSI USER(RSTAN) - (2235)
RSI receiver RSTAN: Cannot read from sender. Connection has been

I. 2000/05/25 12:49:42. Open Server error: Error: 16219, State: 0,
Severity 10 -- 'A call to srv__waitfor_read() was interrupted by an

E. 2000/05/25 13:03:45. ERROR #4068 RSI(RSTAN) - (1199)
RSI: Error encountered trying to connect/send messages to
'RSTAN'. Please check the log for additional messages.
E. 2000/05/25 13:03:45. ERROR #1027 RSI(RSTAN) - (1199)
Open Client Client-Library error: Error: 84083975, Severity 5 --

'ct_sendpassthru(): network packet layer: internal net library error:
Net-Library operation terminated due to disconnect'.
I. 2000/05/25 13:03:45. RSI for 'RSTAN': Continuing after an exception.
I. 2000/05/25 13:03:45. RSI: Trying to connect to 'RSTAN'.
E. 2000/05/25 13:03:46. ERROR #4079 RSI(RSTAN) - (1529)
RSI was already connected to RSTAN. We will establish a new
connection after terminating the old one
I. 2000/05/25 13:03:46. RSI for 'RSTAN': Continuing after an exception.
I. 2000/05/25 13:03:46. RSI: Trying to connect to 'RSTAN'.
I. 2000/05/25 13:03:47. RSI: connection to 'RSTAN' is established and
the route is active.

******************* END ********************************
As can be seen from the error log that RSI detect an old connection
even when both (RS) the
sender and the receiver are restarted. In addition when we suspend the
RSTAN route and we try to resume it the following error is raise
even when ADMIN WHO_IS_DOWN command shows this route with SUSPENDED

As an additional info, the replication process in the reverse
direction and other network applications works fine which suggest that
there's not network problems.
We appreciate your help about how to solve this problem.