I am using sybatch to create a Sybase DB Server during the installation
of our program. The installation also creates two databases and loads
one with a dump.

Since the environment variables for the local system account are only
updated after rebooting NT the services for the DB- & Backup-Servers
will not start properly during the installation - instead I use 2 batch
files to set the proper environment (SYBASE to <sybase-dir> and append
%SYBASE%\bin;%SYBASE%\dll to the PATH) and start the RUN_SERVER.bat
respectively RUN_SERVER_BS.bat files.
This works fine - both Servers start, DBs can be created and the dump
can be loaded without any errors.

At the end of the installation I would like to connect to the DB Server
and use 'shutdown SYB_BACKUP' and 'shutdown' to stop the servers and
reboot the machine. I always get an abnormal termination from the
program 'bcksrv.exe' and the SQL server is still running.

The message in isql is:
Backup Server: The Backup Server will go down immediately.

The last message in the SQL server log is:
00:00000:00009:2000/07/11 17:43:13.35 kernel Cannot send, host process
disconnected: SYB_BACKUP spid: 9

Has anybody experienced similar problems? We are using Sybase Adaptive
Server Enterprise 11.5.2 on NT 4.0.


Peter Fopma