I tried to install oracle client on my NT workstation, which has Sybase
11 installed on it.
I could connect to Sybase using ODBC DSN before the oracle client
installation. But after that I couldn't as it was giving all sorts of
files missing. I found out that the system path was messed up. Fixed
But now if I try to connect using OBBC or even PB native connection, I
get the error:

ct_connect() server name not found.

I checked the sqlini file, the setting are fine. No problem there.

Tried to find solved cases, found only one case of this sort and it was
not of Sybase enterprise.

Tried to find such error here, but it is getting too slow to read thru
all the messages, so thought post a message while searching .

Please reply at your earliest, because I'll re-install the sybase client
again in a day or two, but the time till then is very important for me.