ASA v6.03 running as a service on Windows NT 4.0 Service Pak 6 is
running at 99% CPU utilization every 24 hours it seems.

The server is running only one CPU and has 128MB of RAM. I only have
ONE db server running and it only has one table. There are at most two
PC's connecting to this NT file/db server at any time, usually one.

The user will run my custom app which imports an ASCII text file of
orders and insert them in to the Orders table through my app. I'd say
the inserts average between 500 and 1000 orders inserted.

When the CPU utilization for the "dbsvr6" goes to high the connections
to the server drop. I have had to end the task and restart the db
service. I have allocated 2048MB of memory in the services
configuration, max 4MB.

Can anyone offer a suggestion as to what might correct this?

Thanks in advance!