fyi from our coroporate IT team....

We have received your feedback or comments regarding difficulties
finding or downloading Sybase jConnect for JDBC from our website.
We are working to address a number of issues which may contribute
to the problem:

Reported issues:

1. Customers can not find the free downloads for the 4.x and 5.x GA
releases of jConnect which were accessible from the previous

Status: It was our oversight that this download content was not
migrated to the new website. We are working to rectify the situation
and expect to have the GA releases available on-line by 8/7/00.
Meanwhile, full products EBFs built on these releases are now
available on the site. (See below).

2. Customers are restricted from downloading EBFs for jConnect at
and may see the error:
"Customer without contact id trying to access a private release"

Status: On 8/2/00, we relaxed the licensing restriction for jConnect EBF
downloads such that they are now publicly available, though customers
will be required to login to access these downloads.

3. Customers may navigate to jConnect downloads and see
a page which is blank or missing jConnect at

Status: Our filters on these pages default to display "Licensed &
If you do not have a license for jConnect and/or have not added jConnect
Product Profile, it will not appear. We are changing the defaults on the
filters to show All products
(Target date: 8/4)

Workaround: Manually set the Product or Platform Preview to "All" on

Lance J. Andersen Email:
Sybase Product Support Engineering Phone:(781) 564-6336
77 South Bedford Street Fax: (781) 564-7001
Burlington, MA 01803

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