Hi all

I want to develop a servlet that connects through a datasource to a remote
ASA DB 6.0.1 using jdbc-odbc bridge!In order to configure a datasource in
an application server (such as Tomcat for example) I have to modify the
server.xml file providing the following datasource configuration

------------- server.xml----------------------

<Resource auth="Container" name="jdbc/PI_DS" type="javax.sql.DataSource"/>
<ResourceParams name="jdbc/PI_DS">
<!-- Sybase dB username and password for dB connections -->
<!-- Class name for JDBC driver -->
<!-- The JDBC connection url for connecting to remote Sybase dB. -->


If I wanto to use jdbc-odbc bridge to connect to a remote DB what do I have
to do?What datasource configuration values do I have to provide?
Thank you very much,