Hi gurus,

When Sybase is going to implement ANSI isolation levels
without locking or/and something like Snapshot Isolation
I already asked that question (Peter F.Thawle's seminar on NY seminar
1998 or 99,.
in newsgroup sybase.public.sqlserver.general 08.2000)
Still no answer, though the idea is very obvious (and I think the only
and as mentioned in that article "...admits a simple implementation..."
probably tempdb maybe used as rollback segment for that purpose ?

Even not digging deeply into the theory it is obvious that
without that feature (which suppose to be default behavior, I think)
the result of simple select stmt in Sybase in multiuser env.
depends from many factors including other users activity,
CPU, the access path produced by optimizer and so on.

So the only way now in Sybase to get consistent result is to use
holdlock clause,
but that result is "artificial" and non democratic, you are restricting
for your own purposes.

It seems to me without this it is almost impossible to talk about
I think this is most important thing which Sybase must to do if
they want to survive as database vendor and we as loyal customers.