To whom it may concern:

I have most recently completed a contract position with Lotus
Development and plan to relocate to the New York City area so I may be
closer to family. I still provide occasional support to my former group
at IBM/Lotus, however I am currently in need of a new opportunity. Most
of my recent experience has been with investment management and
accounting applications; T, T+1, and T+2.

I have a passion for stored procedure and UNIX script coding; for
development needs and automation of Sybase administration duties.
However, I have been exploring various programming environments for more
than two decades, which is mostly not expressible on a resume. My
hobbies have been critical to the ongoing success in every project
undertaken. Despite unfamiliarity with JDBC before my most recent
assignment, I was still able to work with the other programmers, who
never even saw Java previously, and achieve a successful interface
between Lotus Notes and the Sybase back end; complete with capturing sp
return codes, PRINT output and Sybase 'msg' output.

In addition to my long-time hobby with computer technology, I have had
an excellent history of good synergy with my past work groups. My
approach has always been to establish a rapport with any and all
co-workers. I am also compelled to understand business needs in their
entirety; a solution to a requirement is only as good as the
understanding of that requirement. This tendency to realize a more
complete awareness furthers this rapport with my co-workers.
Additionally, I have an unusually short learning curve for emerging
technologies for whatever team I have worked and that always makes a few

I am keyed up for Sybase development and administration for day one, but
am able to ramp up on virtually any programming task from
microcontrollers to web development; and accomplish it with style,
readability, and coherent logic. My first language was Z-80 Assembler
on a CP/M based system.

I feel that these skills would be an asset for any firm, and I look
forward to discussing my ideas. Thank you in advance for your

Sean Maley

------------------------------ Resume ------------------------------
· Six years experience with Sybase development and administration in
HP-UX high availability, Solaris, and Windows NT environments
· Extensive stored procedure experience, including the automation of
stored procedure code based upon reverse engineered data schema,
Omniserver/CIS, cursors and triggers when appropriate, customized server
tools based upon sybsystemprocs stored procedures, data loading, data
transformation, data extraction and reporting needs
· Automation of data loading from external systems with transformation
into OLTP schema and then from an OLTP schema to a star schema
· Proven experience with actual disaster recovery and avoidance in a
24X7 trading floor environment as a one person DBA staff for the largest
and most important application for the firm (2500+ portfolios in a 64Gb
· In depth knowledge of Sybase system tables and reverse engineering
concepts; performance and tuning from Disk Array to Sybase Server
configuration and database implementation in the array to query
strategies employed within an application
· Experience automating HP-UX, Solaris, and Linux environments to a high
level of proactive response; such as routing of serious error log
messages and abnormal syslog utilization to a pager
· Automation of database setup for development and QA regions; object
definitions from reverse engineering of one system to another, loading
of stored procedures from a code management system, and loading of
production data into the new database
· Automation of new server builds based upon maintained templates
· Automation of Sybase Replication Server deactivation and setup from a
scheduled script for nightly processing
· Setup and utilization of Monitor and Historical Server
· Extensive scripting experience interacting with the Sybase server and
it's environment; sh, csh, ksh, bash, perl, and DOS/NT batch files
· Support of various C programs with file IO and Tibco Rendezvous
· Experience specifying a disk array layout and defining disk space to
the Sybase environment
· Experience mentoring junior staff for both UNIX administration and
Sybase administration
· Configuration of UNIX environment for Sybase install and new DISK
· Autosys installation and support
· Oracle installation and support for Primavera
· Database sizes from 50Mb to 64Gb
· CASE tool experience
· Check in/Check out change management tool experience
· Java and HTML authoring to report information from Sybase to a web
· JDBC implementation used in a Java agent on a Notes server for calling
stored procedures, capturing the return code, and display of error and
print messages in a log file
· Always a key team member, mentor, and resource for creating
· Gave presentation, "Transforming Data Mart Failure into Success"
presented with Alex Klevitsky, at October 1997 DCI Data Warehouse
Conference in Phoenix, AZ
· Extensive desktop and LAN support for DOS (3.2, 3.3, 4, 5, 6), Windows
(3.0, 3.1, and 95), and Windows NT (3.51, 4)
· Extensive experience with DOS driver load sequence management for
optimal upper memory utilization
· Soldering of custom DB-9, DB-25, and military 50 pin connecters in a
manufacturing environment, as well as assembly of stepper motor control
· BASIC and C programming of test fixtures for stepper motor control
system testing and lead screw accuracy charts

Business types
· Mutual Fund Accounting for 200 funds accessing Sungard
· Fund Control and Reporting for 200 funds
· Portfolio Accounting in a customized GPS environment operating on 4200
· Manufacturing information systems

Professional Summary
Lotus Development (via EDP), North Reading MA 2000-2001
Scudder Kemper Investments, Inc., Boston MA 1994-2000
Aegis Associates, Watertown MA 1992-1994
New England Affiliated Technologies, Lawrence MA 1990-1991
The IBM Computer Center (CPU Computers) Hanover, MA 1988-1990

Professional Detail
EDP Contract Services, Newton, MA 2000-2001

Client: IBM Software Group (Lotus Development)
Project Name: IPLA repository
Role: Sybase Developer
Description: Merge three VMS based Maxcim part management systems into
a single Sybase repository with a Lotus notes user interface. The data
needed to be migrated from the RMS files via Sybase Omni Server after
new data entry was cut from the VMS application. The migration
transformed the data into the new data schema and assigned ownership
based upon rules provided from the end users. New data was entered via
a Lotus Notes interface, which communicated changes to Sybase via JDBC
and Jconnect. All activity was then be communicated back to the legacy
systems as it occurred for more gradual removal of dependencies.
RDMS: Sybase Adaptive Server 11.92 on Solaris and Sybase Omni
Server on VMS
Work Group: No other Sybase developers on team; four tenuously
assigned Notes developers; one project leader; one business analyst;
one VMS programmer from each legacy environment in Cambridge, Dublin,
and Singapore; one business representative from each legacy environment
in Cambridge, Dublin, and Singapore; one project manager for the
business team.

· Completed data element mapping between all environments, and
negotiated new data elements with the corporate standards staff using
Select SE
· Logical and Physical design
· Authored all Sybase stored procedures and maintained in cms (code
management system)
· Authored all Korn Shell scripts
· Established a crontab for nightly processing, maintenance, and
reporting needs
· Incorporated an audit trail of all part changes, which proved critical
in identifying previously undetectable changes that were occurring
· Created scheme for legacy environments to pull recent activity
affecting their region from the repository
· Created scheme for legacy environments to push changes specific to
their region into the repository
· Authored stored procedures and scripts sending and receiving data from
external systems
· Instrumental in the development of the Lotus Notes Java agents which
called Sybase stored procedures via JDBC and jconnect
· Provided all data cleansing analysis and implementation after system
went live
· Mentored staff on Sybase and UNIX skills necessary to support the
final product

Scudder Kemper Investments, Inc., Boston, MA 1994-2000

Project Name: PIMS (1998-2000)
Role: Lead Sybase Administrator
Description: Production, QA, and development support of a 24/7
portfolio core accounting system (gps).
RDMS: Sybase Adaptive Server 11.51 and 11.92, Sybase
Replication Server 11.51, Sybase Monitor Server and Historical Server,
MS SQL Server 6.5, Oracle 8i
OS: HP-UX 11, Solaris 7
Hardware: 2 HP V-class, 1 HP N-class, 2 EMC Symetrix drive
arrays, 3 HP K-class, 2 HP L-class, 2 Sun Ultrasparc
Other Software: Service Guard, Autosys
Work Group: Myself, one junior DBA, one UNIX administrator, two
Windows NT administrators, UNIX development team, GUI development team,
tcl development team, reporting development team

· Maintain various maintenance scripts running from cron, such as for
DBCCs, database DUMPs, capturing sysusages records, update index
statistics and sp_recompile, error log checks, monitor syslog
utilization thresholds, monitor for processes blocked for more than a
threshold amount of time, monitor syslogshold for abnormally long
queries, and page if dataserver is no longer in the process table or
connectivity is otherwise lost
· Maintain script called from Autosys with various arguments to bring
replication offline for nightly processing, and then re-establish warm
standby for the next day
· Developed and supported nightly and weekend database maintenance for
stale data archival and purging
· Developed perl utility to compare two databases and output necessary
DDL to correct the second database
· Developed script to bcp data from one server/database to another
server/database based on a file containing a list of targeted tables.
· Troubleshoot all Sybase issues
· Provide back up to UNIX administrator
· Manage disk space in UNIX for use by Sybase
· Provide support to development staff for query performance and tuning
· Server and database recovery after hardware and software failures
· Manage Sybase and UNIX logins
· Manage database users and their privileges
· Manage & monitor disk space, memory and user connections
· Manage & monitor segment space utilization and provide reports to
project manager
· Schedule historical server scripts and interpret results
· Developed automated process to build new servers, complete with
databases, and either gps table schema and data bcp'd from another
server or left with databases created 'for load'
· Upgrade all servers from Sybase 11.51 to 11.92
· Evaluate and test upgrades from Sybase 11.51 to 11.93 and Sybase 11.92
to Sybase 12
· Mentored new DBA staff
· Performance and tuning support from drive array layout to stored
procedure analysis
· Coordinated all software updates and upgrades, including the
application of Sybase EBFs
· Installation and support of Oracle 8i for use with Primavera
· Write script to bring Oracle up and down
· Provided expertise to the NT middleware support staff for hardware
upgrades and troubleshooting
· Provide assistance to help desk with Sybase connectivity issues

Scudder Kemper Investments, Inc., Boston, MA 1994-2000
Project Name: FACT Mart, originally known as Mercury (1996-1998)
Role: Lead Sybase Developer
Description: Data Mart for Fund Accounting and Control which merged
data from external systems and then made data available for analysis and
automatic report generation for clients.
RDMS: Sybase Adaptive Server 11.0.3
OS: DOS 6.2, Windows 3.1 & NT 4.0, Solaris 2.5
Hardware: 2 Sun Ultrasparc 1000 (one development, one production)
Group: Small group of Powerbuilder and Foxpro developers, a few
business analysts, and myself

· Authored and supported Windows NT batch files that filter non-ASCII
values in files from external sources, bcp filtered data into heap
tables, and then call a stored procedure to load the data into the data
mart operational data store
· Authored and supported stored procedures for data loading and
transformation into normalized schema (operational data store)
· Authored and supported stored procedures that aggregate and transform
normalized data into that of a star schema (decision support store)
· Authored and supported UNIX scripts to call stored procedures from the
crontab and move data from the data mart to other systems within Scudder
· Maintained C code used to filter non-ASCII values for the load process
· Assisted Helpdesk with Sybase connectivity issues
· Assisted Helpdesk with ODBC installations involving Sybase
· Developed data validation procedures, including a daily report log
containing a summary of recent data loaded, stored procedure
performance, and record counts of primary data subjects
· Development of Impromptu reports illustrating database growth
· Also developed a JAVA applet for the development team to research
recent database growth history from an internal web page
· Evaluated tools that could be potentially useful to the development
team, such as InfoPump, Autosys, and Visual Café Pro
· Provide query optimization for other developers
· Monitor system for blocked processes and long queries
· Maintain logins, database users, and privileges for the data mart
· Terminate database connections when higher priority needs arise, such
as when pricing needs to happen at the end of the day, but adhoc reports
block that from happening

Tech Specialists, Waltham, MA 1994-2000

Client: Scudder Kemper Investments, Inc.
Role: PC Hardware and LAN support analyst (1994-1996)
Hardware: IBM Compatibles (386, 486, and Pentium)
OS: DOS 5 & 6.2, Novell NetWare 3.12 & 4, Windows 3.1, 95, NT
3.51, NT 4.0
Software: Microsoft Office suite, DCA Irmawin, FTP PCTCP and Onnet,
Lotus Symphony, Interleaf Publisher, Edgar, Netscape, Procomm, various
home brew applications (both Powerbuilder/Sybase and Foxpro)

· PC hardware and software installation, configuration, diagnostics and
· PC Training room setup
· Author re-imaging batch files for PC Training room
· Novell NetWare 3.12 and 4 administration duties for five servers
· TCP/IP configurations
· Supported DCA Irmawin with tcp/ip and with IRMA board
· Designed large-scale desk top roll outs
· Laser Printer diagnostics and maintenance
· Optimize config.sys and autoexec.bat

Aegis Associates, Watertown, MA 1992-1994

Role: PC service and support
Hardware: IBM Compatibles (8086, 80286, 80386, i486, and Pentium)
OS: DOS 5 & 6.x, Windows 3.1, Artisoft Lantastic
Software: Wordperfect for DOS and Windows, AutoCAD, Lotus 123

· On-site installation, configuration, diagnostics and support of PC
hardware and software
· On-site installation, configuration, diagnostics and support of
Lantastic networks
· Diagnose and correct LAN cabling issues
· Artisoft Lantastic Performance and Tuning

New England Affiliated Technologies, Lawrence, MA 1990-1991
X-Y Translation table and RS-232 motor control sales, electronic and
mechanical assembly, and component level diagnostics and repair.
Maintained and modified Laser-Inferometer and Leadscrew testing Qbasic

The IBM Computer Center (CPU Computers), Hanover, MA 1988-1990
IBM PS/2 and IBM compatible sales and service. Software installation
and configuration. Hardware and software phone support. Taught classes
in PC fundamentals and DOS 3.3. IBM Copley Place trained on MCA, OS/2
1.2, and networking sales and support. Servicing and support of CP/M
based PC's.

Educational Summary
Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA 1994-1996
Electronic Technology Evening Division.
Northeastern University, Boston, MA 1985-1986
College of Computer Science.

Fast Track to Sybase Replication Server 11.51
Sybase System 11 Performance and Tuning
Sybase System 11 Administration
Fast Track to Sybase System 11

Introduction to Oracle 8 for experienced SQL users.

Platinum InfoPump
UNIX essentials
UNIX Shell Programming (ksh)
UML essentials
Ralph Kimball class on developing a star schema

Technological Summary
HP V class, N class, K class, and L class
Sun Ultrasparc and Enterprise servers
EMC Symetrix
All setup aspects of Intel 8086 IBM compatibles since 1988, including
80286, 80386, i486, Pentium, etc.
ISA 8/16, VESA, PCI, and Micro-channel for IBM and compatible
PC LAN connectivity installation for Ethernet, Arcnet, and Lantastic
LAN/WAN cabling
PC SCSI, IDE, EIDE, etc. drive configuration
Mono, CGA, EGA, VGA, etc graphics standards and considerations
Irma mainframe connectivity for IBM compatibles (TCP/IP based and ISA
RS-232 uart chip, cabling, and programming issues
Several Z80, Super 8, and 6502 8-bit systems

Operating Systems
HP-UX (11)
Solaris, Sun-OS (2.4, 2.5, 2.6)
Windows (3.0, 3.1, 95, 98, NT 3.0, NT 3.5x, NT 4.0)
DOS (3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4, 5, 6)
CP/M, Applesoft, and other early 8-bit OS's

Database Technology
Sybase Adaptive Server (10, 11.0, 11.51, 11.92, 11.93, 12)
Sybase Replication Server (11.0, 11.5)
Sybase Omni Server (10)
Sybase Monitor Server and Sybase Historical Server
Microsoft SQL Server (6.5)
Oracle (8i)

Software Development
Symantec Visual Café
Borland Jbuilder 4
Borland C++ IDE (3, 4, 5)
Command line c compilers and linkers gcc, cc and makefiles
Borland Assembler, MASM, and DOS debug command
Sigma 6 sql_debugger (now SQL Expedite), Silvain Faust SQL Programmer,
Embarcadero Rapid SQL
Select SE

Software Languages
Shell scripts sh, csh, ksh, perl, bash, etc
C, C++, Java (including JDBC/Sybase jconnect)
Assembly (6502, 6800, Z80, 8086)
DOS batch files

Tools and Utilities
Platinum Infopump
Platinum Autosys
isql, bcp, and defncopy

Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point, Access
Lotus 123 and Notes
Interleaf Publisher
Adobe Photoshop
Paintshop Pro
CU See Me