A few notes on java ejb proxy generation after installing 9.0.1 EBF

. I can no longer generate proxies for a few java types like boolean,
short, integer, character, double, byte, float. (Indeed, the proxy
generation creates those types but without any methods associated with
them. And regenerate all indicates the problem of syntax errors in
different lines for those objects).
. When I change the default jvm location to point to a newer sun jvm
(1.4.2_01), the system gives me the message: class not found; and proxy
generation is not possible.
. I checked from the command line, the javap outputs of two different
java sdks, and saw that javap output is slightly different in the newer
version. This explains the message: class not found, and why I cannot
generate proxies.
. So, switching back to the default jvm provided with pb, and generating
proxies from the command line with the ejb2pb90 tool, and after
investigating the text files produced, I have suspected that it could
have been caused by the (probably) new keyword "indirect" or sthg
related with that.
. I re-compiled, re-configured my app server's (Jaguar (not EAServer:-)
) jdk14 jvm and re-deployed my ejbs to the app server using the same pb
jvm, , and generated stubs using that jvm too, it did not help. (Were I
expecting it help? I don't know.)
. I went back on the original released built of pb (5507) and generated
my proxies using that version. (I don't need to access public variables
on my beans directly). So, things are working for me now. But, I wanted
to share this with this newsgroup.

Anyone have an idea on this? If it is considered a bug, would it be
possible to get a patch soon?