Attention PB 7.x and Earlier Customers:

If you do not update your PowerBuilder 7.x and earlier licenses by
June 30, 2003, you're at risk of having to pay the full new license
price to migrate to PowerBuilder 9.0 and retain Sybase engineering

For a limited time, you can advance to the latest enhancements in 9.0
at half the price of a new license no matter what unsupported
PowerBuilder version you're currently on. And you'll have the Sybase
engineering support you need with a full install. It's like getting a
new license at the cost of an update!

But Hurry, You'll Need to Act Before June 30, 2003 to Qualify
Call For Details, Toll-Free, at 877-357-2093

For more information, and a free trial of PowerBuilder 9.0, go to: