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Supported DBMS

2 posts in Pocket PowerBuilder Last posting was on 2003-07-28 12:12:19.0Z
Tasos Mastrodimos Posted on 2003-07-28 10:15:46.0Z
From: Tasos Mastrodimos
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Subject: Supported DBMS
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Date: 28 Jul 2003 03:15:46 -0700
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As new "testers" for Pocket PowerBuilder we would like to
know which are the suppported DBMS for the PocketPC (win ce
3.0) and the way that we can connect to these DBMS.

Thank You

Reed Shilts Posted on 2003-07-28 12:12:19.0Z
From: Reed Shilts <>
Newsgroups: sybase.public.pocketpowerbuilder
Subject: Re: Supported DBMS
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In version 1.0.....

Running on the PocketPC you can access either:
a) The free runtime version of ASA
b) Full ASA with "MobiLink" which can connect
to Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Sybase databases
running on "real" computers.

This covers the two _real_ use cases:
a) Small app with small, private, database use the
free version of ASA (no deployment cost).
b) Enterprise level application where the PocketPC has
an occasionally connected view (subset) of
the data from a central database.
This will intelligently synchronize changes
when connected.

Later versions of PocketBuilder will have native access
to other databases.

The big thing to remember in application design
is "occasionally connected" - WiFi is not reliable enough
to maintain a classic client/server database connection.
The unreliable communications channel will kill your
app when it is deployed.

Reed Shilts
PPB Development Manager

Being part of the PowerBuilder development team we
are well aware that being database independent is very
important. Version 1.0 sticks with ASA/MobiLink because
that has 90% market share (or something huge like that)
native database drivers on the CE device are totally
different than on regular Windows.
If this product was ever going to get out the door we
had to put a stake in the sand...

On 28 Jul 2003 03:15:46 -0700, Tasos Mastrodimos wrote:

>As new "testers" for Pocket PowerBuilder we would like to
>know which are the suppported DBMS for the PocketPC (win ce
>3.0) and the way that we can connect to these DBMS.
>Thank You