If you are interested in using PowerBuilder for Web development with JSP
pages, this course is a must!

This course is an introduction to JavaServer Pages (JSP). The course goes
through an introduction of JSP, how JSP works, and how to use JBuilder and
PowerBuilder 9 to create JSP pages and deploy these to EAServer. Upon
completing this class the student will be able to create JSP pages, deploy
them to EAServer, and know how to access PowerBuilder components that have
been deployed to EAServer.

a.. What is JSP
a.. Creating JSP in EAServer
a.. Tags
a.. Creating JSP with PowerBuilder
a.. Common Practices
a.. Web DataWindow with JSP
a.. Creating a PowerBuilder Component
a.. Accessing a Component with JSP

This training course is now available. Check our web site for details or
email us at Info@branick-inc.com.

Larry Cermak [Team Sybase]
Branick Consulting, Inc.
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