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File Size Limit Anywhere 7.0.4 Win 2000

2 posts in General Discussion Last posting was on 2003-07-30 16:58:42.0Z
GDurniak Posted on 2003-07-30 16:38:19.0Z
From: GDurniak
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Subject: File Size Limit Anywhere 7.0.4 Win 2000
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A simple question ...
I am building a database approx 20G in size
We have SQL Anywhere 7.0.4

What is the file size limit for SQL Anywhere 7.0.4 on
Windows 2000, NTFS?
(I thought there was a 2G limit under Windows)

The help file says "1T limit for NTFS, with 4K pages, but
limited by the OS". This is not quite clear

Do I need to upgrade to ASEnterprise?

Greg Fenton Posted on 2003-07-30 16:58:42.0Z
From: Greg Fenton <>
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Subject: Re: File Size Limit Anywhere 7.0.4 Win 2000
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GDurniak wrote:
> The help file says "1T limit for NTFS, with 4K pages, but
> limited by the OS". This is not quite clear
> Do I need to upgrade to ASEnterprise?

For NTFS, the filesystem limitation is very large (well in excess of 1TB).

For ASA, assuming the filesystem can handle the size, the limit is 256
million pages per database file. For a database using 4kB page size,
then you have (256M * 4k) which is 1TB.

You can have up to 12 dbspaces in addition to the main db file and
*each* dbspace has the above maximum. So 20GB is not a problem on NTFS,
even at only 1K page size (which has a maximum of 256GB per dbspace).

I think the following page in the ASA 7.0.x docs confirms this:

ASA Adaptive Server Anywhere Reference Manual
CHAPTER 13. Physical Limitations
- Size and number limitations

Realize that ASE and ASA are not related database technologies. There
are compatabilities built into our products, but ASA and ASE have been
developed independently.

Hope this helps,
Greg Fenton
Consultant, Solution Services, iAnywhere Solutions
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