Hi there,
I have installed the following softwares
1.Microsoft Syn 3.6
2.MS pocket PC Emulator 2002.
3.Pocket Powerbuilder 1.0
In the same order as mentioned.

When i deploy the sample app ,Iam able to view the exe & pbd
in the file Explorer application in Emulator but not the PB
VM files due to which when i click the exe to run it gives
"LoadLibrary Failed for VMCE" error.
How do i check whether PB VM is loaded or not ?
If it is not loaded then how do i load it. I got the
following statement from PPB release bulltein,but iam not
able to follow what it mean by "Shared folders" in emulator.

Here he talks about Pocket PC 2003 i guess it is same for
Pocket PC 2002 as well.

"You can, however, deploy Pocket PowerBuilder applications
to the Pocket PC 2003 emulator by copying generated files
using the Pocket PC 2003 folder sharing feature. You can
install the Pocket PowerBuilder VM in the emulator by
copying the Pocket PowerBuilder.x86.CAB file from the Pocket
PowerBuilder\WinCE directory to the shared folder, then
clicking the CAB file in the emulator’s File Explorer."

Thanks in advance.