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Is a 128 meg memory PDA worth the price in performance

2 posts in Pocket PowerBuilder Last posting was on 2003-08-11 09:44:56.0Z
dw-extreme Posted on 2003-08-08 20:19:12.0Z
From: dw-extreme
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Subject: Is a 128 meg memory PDA worth the price in performance
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for Pocket PB, vs 64 meg?

Berndt Hamboeck Posted on 2003-08-11 09:44:56.0Z
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Subject: Re: Is a 128 meg memory PDA worth the price in performance
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Well, you have to test this with your specific app, from what I do with my iPaq,
no. I use a 256 MB CF card where my apps are installed, so most of my main
memory is free for executing the applications.

On 8 Aug 2003 13:19:12 -0700,
in sybase.public.pocketpowerbuilder

<dw-extreme> wrote:
>for Pocket PB, vs 64 meg?