We are currently evaluating the Sybase Adaptive Server
Anywhere 9.0 database for Pocket PC development. We are
using Visual Studio .net 2003 and the Pocket PC Emulator to
develop and test our Smart Device Extensions application.
The OS on the Pocket PC Emulator is 3.0.11171(Build 11178).

We are unable to connect to the ASA database.

The .asa file is correctly copied to the application
folder(i.e \program files\my_application\) on my Pocket PC
Emulator emulator machine. However the application gives an
error on "conn.Open();" line i.e we are not able to connect
to the .asa database on the Pocket PC Emulator. The error
that we are getting is "Cannot Find .ini file".

I read somewhere that we need to create a log file on the
Pocket PC machine so that the database engine knows the
database to connect to.

I have added the code down below.

private void btnConnect_Click(object sender,
System.EventArgs e)
AsaConnection conn = new AsaConnection("Data

catch( AsaException ex )
MessageBox.Show( ex.Errors[0].Message );

1) Any pointers to where we could be going wrong??.
2) Some samples which detail simple database examples using
ASA database on a Pocket PC 2003 emulator??.
3) some documents to developing and deploying applications
using ASA 9.0 database for the Pocket PC Mobile market.

All help is highly appreciated.

Kind Regards;

Ajit Goel