I have problems with the right object to use (D7 CLX).

I want to show the user grids (different sights) with parts of 3 tables
(ALS, ADT, 6.2). The first table is the main table, the other two tables
contain lookup fields for the first table. The user must sort the grid on
each column by clicking in the header. I should have indicies because of the
function AdsGetKeyNum, which only work if an index is active.

If I use a TAdsTable with lookup fields, I could not create an index on the
lookup fields (error). If I use TAdsQuery, I could only create a temporary
index, which I could open only once. If I want different parts of the data,
I had to create a temporary index file for each part.

The best were to have one table with an index file for all visible columns
and select the parts with filter. But I couldn't get this.

Any suggestion how to solve this problem?

Best regards.
Dirk Weltz