Hi everyone, I'm currently working on "Today Screen Item" functionality
within PocketPB, and would love to recieve some input from the developers on
this newsgroup.

I can set up this feature in many different ways, but without input from you
guys and your real-world needs, it will likely come up lacking. I would like
to create something that's easy and useful for your problems.

If you feel that you want to take the time, I would like to know:
- how you envision designing and building a Today Item in the IDE (i.e.which
painter, how would you want to deploy it, etc.)
- what type of functionality you need (listing imperatives, and
- perhaps a scenario from your project of how the item will be used in your
- any other info that you feel would help to make this feature something
really positive and useful

So, feel free to email me directly with your wishes and ideas, or post to
this thread.

Thanks for your attention on this, and I appreciate any input