I would like the ability to mark a table for log record
replication for "insert", "delete", and "update". Now, this
would not be for data replication, but for a pre-built
inserted and updated tables to be built in a new database.
Lets call it logtempdb. These tables would be created as
#inserted0000000000, and #updated0000000000000, etc. These
actual tables could be than be used instead of the fictious
tables. These tables would exist for the duration of the
transaction. Where this would of benefit is for tables that
use a modify/insert a large number of records that need to
be processed via a trigger, and/or for repeated reads.
These tables should also have any indexes that exist on the
table being modified (or at least the primary key as a

This would be of huge benefit to use for maintaining
denormalized data sets.

Ryan Putnam