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2 posts in Objects Last posting was on 2003-09-09 12:50:05.0Z
Paul Baudouin Posted on 2003-09-09 09:32:27.0Z
From: Paul Baudouin
Newsgroups: sybase.public.powerbuilder.objects
Subject: PB 8.0.3 MAJOR BUG: ITEMCHANGED, Argument DATA contains WRONG VALUE
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Date: 9 Sep 2003 02:32:27 -0700
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Hi all,

We guess you would better check out your application for the
following bug .


GridDatawindow column of type INTEGER.
DDDW edit is editeable because the column is added to the
PFC-dropdownsearch dwsrv.
The displaycolumn is of the type STRING.


The user types a value in the edit field equal to a value in
the displaycolumn.
This value is numeric while the datatype of the displayvalue
is alfanumeric (e.g. '60400'). The user changes
the focus to another row in the grid by using keyenter!
or keytab!when this column is the last one
or by Clicking on an other row


The value of the argument 'data' in the itemchanged event is
wrong. It contains the value of the field in
the newly current row instead of the row on witch the data
was altered. This implies that all the validation
and processing in the itemchanged event is executed with
the wrong value. It is clear that in this manner
the stored data becomes completely useless.


While debugging we noticed that the gettext-function returns
the correct value up until the rowfocuschanged event.
We suppose that in this scenario the eventsequence goes
wrong. If the itemchanged would execute during
the data would be correct.

If you have encountered the same problem or know of a
highlevel (PFE) workaround please let us know.

Kind regards ,

Paul Baudouin

Paul Horan[TeamSybase] Posted on 2003-09-09 12:50:05.0Z
From: "Paul Horan[TeamSybase]" <paulhATvcisolutionsDOTcom>
Newsgroups: sybase.public.powerbuilder.objects
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Subject: Re: PB 8.0.3 MAJOR BUG: ITEMCHANGED, Argument DATA contains WRONG VALUE
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Please don't cross-post.

Paul Horan[TeamSybase]

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