For table rebuilds using the logsegment I would like Sybase
to create a third and fourth truncation point. The third
truncation point moves at the specified save interval time.
For instance = "3TP=240 minutes". The fourth truncation
point would keep track of what needs to be backed up by a
dump transaction.
(240 min) (last dump) (replication) (primary)
^ ^ ^ ^

Now, commands could be introduced to rebuild a table based
upon a specified timeframe from the log. The log size would
be greater, however, what would be dumped by dump
transaction (the incremental) would be about the same size.

When a database is reloaded the save_interval would be lost,
but would start holding transactions again.

I believe that with this approach Sybase could write
utilities to read the log and a table and generate the undo
for you.

What are your thoughts?