I am attempting to update and clean up the interface on a number
of older PB applications. I would especially like to user newer
toolbar (xp style) pictures. I have a good collection if nice 3d/xp
style bitmaps and some small .jpg images.

When I use the bitmaps in PB8, I get black or light purple backgrounds
on the toolbar ? How do I have them appear properly on the toolbar
with a transparent background ?

Is it possible to achieve the type of 'hover over' effect
that some of the newer ms office has. ie. the toolbar item becomes
lightly highlighted in blue when you hover over it ?

Is their a DOC or faq that describes in detail the types, number of
colours, 'masks' (I do not know what this means) etc... and how to
use these effectively in PB8 and 9 ?

Thanks in advance.