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Whether to use Dbremote or Mobilink?

2 posts in General Discussion Last posting was on 2003-10-31 19:37:54.0Z
Mike Gilbert Posted on 2003-10-31 16:57:13.0Z
From: "Mike Gilbert" <>
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Subject: Whether to use Dbremote or Mobilink?
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ASA 9.0

Given a situation where a consolidated ASA Database on a Windows platform
requires to be synchronised with a number of remote client ASA Databases
(also on Windows platform) which is the better tool to use for the
synchronisation ... Dbremote or Mobilink?

The remote sites will be connected to the consolidated database using either
ADSL or an ISDN connection. Data will have to be exchanged between the
remote clients on a daily basis (via the consolidated database). It is very
unlikely that there will ever be a requirement to integrate hand-held
devices into the application.

Does the extra work that appears to be involved in creating scripts for
Mobilink justify the return in the form of flexibility?

Is there a White Paper which compares the deployment of Dbremote vs

All opinions and comment would be appreciated.



Graham Hurst Posted on 2003-10-31 19:37:54.0Z
From: Graham Hurst <>
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Subject: Re: Whether to use Dbremote or Mobilink?
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Have you read this part of the documentation?

Introducing SQL Anywhere Studio
Replication Technologies
Sybase replication technologies
Choosing a replication technology

If none of those factors dictate the choice, then I would recommend
MobiLink, because you might need some of its greater flexibility someday.